tour to Ghalegaun

Let's Go to Ghalegaon
We Nepalis are like a musk, who is running away from our own paradise country without knowing the fragrance of our own navel.
Nepalis are leaving the country like a piece of paradise in every direction, even if it is to torment their neighbors and relatives by posting photos on Facebook.
Ghalegaun is famous for traditional Gurung culture dances including Ghantu, Sorathi, Serka, Krishnacharitra, and Ghabre would not be performed immediately.
A one-night package costs Rs 1,000 for a Domestic tourist in Ghalegaon. The committee has stated that there will be no change in this. Ghalegaun homestay, where rural tourism started in 2057 BS. has now increased the number of homestays to 37. Ghalegaon has museums, Chiabari, Kwaimbo, Gorkha Park, statues of the last king of Gurungs, Klamborojakle, Satkanya temple, wells, various fields, traditional houses, village traditions, and people's life. From Ghalegaon you can see the surrounding villages, as well as a dozen mountain, ranges from west to east.