A hearty welcome to you in the country of the Himalayas

Nepal is a picturesque tiny and independent country, having magnificent features in the world. The geographical variations, natural sceneries, and cultural affluence bear the high-rated galleries of this country. It is an appropriate destination to spend your precious vacation. Not only for group travel, but Nepal is also a lovely place for solo travel, family travel, adventure travel, and safari tours.

Naturally, Nepal is a country with diverse resources. Eight highest mountains out of fourteen in the world lie in this country. Mt. Everest (8848m) resembles the Himalayan wonders of the country. During the travel in Nepal, the adventure-loving people can go mountaineering and trekking. Thousands of trekking peaks are suitable for peak climbing.

Nepal is a combined form of multilingual, multi-religious, and multi-ethnic societies along with natural diversities. More than 125 indigenous groups populate in this country, who have their own language, costumes, festivals, and traditions. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal and it is a sacred pilgrimage destination of Buddhist people. Pashupatinath, one of the major significant temples in the world, has got its charm among Hindu devotees. Nepal is also a country where the living goddess resides. The flourishing cultural heritages are for exploration tours and sightseeing.

Such diversities have made Nepal a place you should set out for visiting once in your lifetime. For more details, Please contact Blue Himalaya Travels and Tours Company, a leading tour organizer in Nepal.

In Points:

  • Nepal for trekking and mountaineering
  • To explore the multiple lifestyles of various social groups
  • To visit the scenic valleys and communities
  • To discover the religious and cultural heritages including UNESCO sites
  • To enjoy the adventure activities like rafting, Bungy, Paragliding and Jungle Safari
  • To make a religious tour, visiting temples and Stupas

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