It was a great experience having an amazing trek

  • Dr Andy and Rose Hoyle
    United Kingdom Published: Monday, April 9, 2018

    It was a great experience having an amazing trek


    It was a great experience having an amazing trek with Blue Himalaya Trekking, since correspond with them I and my fellows who I did trek together was excited with their prompt and informative reply.

    Upon arrival we felt as like we arrived at second planet but once we met Blue Himal representative at the airport with a bunch of garland and a placard with our team name we felt like a lost calves found mother in a thick forest. After checking in to the hotel and briefing we were escorted to explore monkey temple and Durbar square where old architectural buildings and temples which were built in 1700 Era. WE found Nepal is a transition of both Buddhist and Hindu religion.

    After having a day sightseeing, next day we headed to Lukla to meet our mission the Everest Base Camp. During the trek our guides were Tirtha and Maila. They are really the most honest and fantastic guides to spend your trek with. Their English is very good and they are extremely helpful and know the region and weather well. Maila is a young whereas Tirtha is a mature grown up guy, both of them enjoy to trek with and escorting clients in the Himalayas areas.

    Compared to other local and internationals trekking companies the price you will get from Blue Himalaya Trek will always be affordable! Yet, the level of service and experience you get is equal to if not better. We saw many trekkers from international and high priced local companies during trek and they were getting same service. We found Blue Himalaya Trek is one of the best companies in operating treks in Nepal. If you are planning to go trek to Nepal then please go with Blue Himalaya