What is the best time for Bhai Tika 2078.

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Bhai Tika: The fifth and last day of Tihar is celebrated by the sister worshiping their brothers, This is called Bhai Tika. It is observed by sisters applying "tika" to the foreheads of their brothers to ensure long life and thank them for the protection they provide. It is believed that Yama (God of Death) visited his sister, Goddess Yamuna, on this day she applied the tika on his forehead, garlanded him, and fed him special dishes. This day Yama (God of Death) announced that anyone who receives tika from his sister will never die on that day.

 The puja follows a traditional ritual in which sisters circle brothers, dripping oil on the floor from a copper pitcher and applying oil to their brother's hair, following which a seven-color tika is applied on the brother's forehead. Next, brothers give tika to their sisters in the same fashion with an exchange of gifts. Those without a sister or brother join relatives or friends for tika. This festival strengthens the close relationship between brothers and sisters.
According to the International Panchang Chairman Prof.Dr. Madhav Prasad Bhattarai prepared the best sait for Bhai tika In Nepal time 11:37 am 1st Mansir 2078.